Welcome to my website!

I'm Ryan Hartley, a genderqueer theater artist. I grew up envisioning fantastical theater spaces, and now I'm working to make my dreams a reality. I'm especially eager to make theater that forces us to sit with ambiguities and multiple points of view: the stuff postmodernism is made of. I also love juicy gay content that goes beyond tropes of abuse and decay. If you'd like to collaborate, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm available for freelance dramaturgy and direction, beyond my ongoing projects with The New Cosmopolitans.


Ryan Hartley (any pronouns) is a genderqueer dramaturg, director, actor, and scenographer.

From contemporary new plays to classic musical theater, the work that Ryan puts out into the world is meant to excite audiences and provoke them to conversation. Queerness, loss of innocence, and skepticism are frequent themes in Ryan’s work.

A graduate of Pepperdine University, Ryan originally focused on musical theater and family-style entertainment, and then eventually shifted focus to contemporary plays and new play development.

Ryan is the founding artist of The New Cosmopolitans – a laboratory for Ryan’s collaborations with fellow theater artists. Under this umbrella, Ryan curated the New Queer Works virtual series of developmental readings, and most recently directed an award-winning production of Gummy Worm by Nathaniel Foster.

Ryan has trained with SITI Company and the Yale Summer directing intensive, and now trains with The Barrow Group. Ryan is also a member of LMDA.

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